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>     I have joined the list for a long time. I read about
> Big5/Unicode/UTF/... Chinese Standard discussions and did a few studies on
> these issues. I am no Chinese Linux hacker and am still confused. IS

maybe, maybe not :-)

the wide character in glibc is unicode
the multibyte character at zh_TW locale is still Big5
( I _hope_ we could shift to UTF-8 as soon as possible )

>     And another thing, there existed problems about chinese support in
> IBM's Softwares porting to Linux for a long time. Always Chinese Font
> problem. It seems there is no STANDARD/DEFAULT Chinese fonts on Linux.
> People are free to take their favorites. However, sometimes it causes
> problems for application developers for they can't map default font to
> SYSTEM FONTS(just like 細明體 in Windows). Would anyone advise on this
> problem? Maybe we should try to make that font standard and let application
> developers, like IBM to follow?

我曾經私下請 cwhuang & mingche 能討論出一個共用的字型名,
但是好像還沒有結果 :-p

CLE 是用
不知其他 distro 的意見 ?

在 CLE for Slackware 的 porting 上我沒有意見,就照柏鋒兄的吧  :))

這是小事啦 不過有個 default name 比較方便嘛 :-)

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