Enlightenment is a window manager. Enlightenment is a desktop shell. Enlightenment is the building blocks to create beautiful applications. Enlightenment, or simply e, is a group of people trying to make a new generation of software.

We invite you to translate it to Traditional Chinese, here is the statistics of zh_TW at present:
We are using the same web application as GNOME, the Damned-lies, to have the graphics statistics, but because of some problem on the server, it cannot provide full functions now, so translation files are still needed to be sent to the mailing list, here you can subscribe to it:

Enlightenment Project is considering to have a new release on e16 but not very determined, and a new snapshot of e17 will be released at June 5th 23:59 UTC. Here is the Release Schedule:

Thanks for your contribution.

Aron Xu